Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This is Jake! He was a Blue Tick Hound and one of the sweetest dogs ever! Sadly Jake is no longer with us :(
When I was younger I use to show dogs in 4H. Jake was the last dog that I showed and we did terrible! He would get very shy and nervous around other dogs he did not know. So he didn't listen to me at all.
When I would get ready to go to bed I would let Jake know and tap him to follow me. He did not like being wakened up and he would howl and moan at me. But he was always such a sweetie when you petted him. I miss him a lot :(

This was my first dog Brutus! He was a Dachshund. He was small but also a very tough little guy. He had a huge deep bark. I loved him so much! He is sitting on a huge stuff animal that my dad had bought me. He love to lay on it :)

This is my dog Dusty when she was skinny. She is huge now and very old. She was my first show dog and she tried to bite the judge :( she retired after that year. Dusty is a Catahoula mix. She has a loud funny bark and snores extremely loud. Her face is almost all white now. Dusty is currently living with my parents on their 10 acre property. She loves it!

And lastly this here is Jubals

Jubal is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He was my main show dog. He was amazing outside of the show ring. I was always sure I would take first place. But as soon as we got in the ring he would change. He once walked away from me and sat by the gate waiting for me to open it. Another time he acted hurt so he wouldn't have to be shown. I am not joking about this. One minute he is fine the next minute he is limping, outside the ring he was fine again. But thats okay you just have to laugh when your dog doesn't listen. He is a strange little dog he does not like peoples heads near his body. Your face is fine but your head is not. Jubal is a really sweet dog and will roll on his back for anyone. Jubals lives with Dusty he is a couple years younger than her.


  1. I love dogs! You seem to have a very wide variety of them :P

  2. really sorry for your dog Jake :( losing a pet is always sad

  3. Jubal is really cute. I love Corgis.
    And RIP, Jake.