Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to apply a dry dressing

Here is how to apply a dry dressing. Sadly I have not been able to practice in real life yet. But I am hoping to soon. This is another step paper I had to write for nursing school! This one could be useful!

Applying a Dry Dressing
1.      Gather supplies
2.      Provide privacy
3.      Wash hands
4.      Put on nonsterile gloves
5.      Remove dressing and discard in correct receptacle. Remove soiled gloves. Apply new nonsterile gloves
6.      Asses the undressed wound for signs of redness, foul odor, swelling, irritation, drainage, dehiscence, bleeding, or skin breakdown.
7.      Remove used exam gloves
8.      Wash hands
9.      Set up supplies. Open 4X4 gauze packages.
10.  Apply new pair of clean gloves
11.  Cleanse wound if indicated. Grasp edges of gauze that contains cleaning solution.
a.      Incision: Move from top to bottom clean incision line first. Clean each side of incision using a new gauze for each swipe.
b.      Drain: Use circular motion, begin at drain site and move outward. Get new gauze if it requires more cleaning
12.  Remove gloves, Wash hands
13.  Put on nonsterile gloves
14.  Apply new dressing  using 4X4 gauze pads folded in half. Place folded gauze lengthwise on wound and tape lightly or tubular mesh. Initial dressing, date, and time it was changed.
15.  Dispose of dressings appropriately. Remove gloves, wash hands.
16.  Teach family/client about dressing which may include teach the dressing technique to family/client.
17.  Document!

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  1. Very useful! My mom taught me this years ago since she's a nurse!