Thursday, June 16, 2011

Road Trip

So we made it to Portland safely! The traffic scared me. On our way to Portland we stopped by Corvallis to drop a friend off. As we tried to leave we went the wrong way and drove around for a little bit until we found our way back to the freeway.

 This is Corvallis

Here are some pics of my car pets!
 My husband made the little wire cow a few years ago.

 I love happy meals! Especially if they come with little stuff animals!

I have had the ducks for a while so they are turning black :( and the one on the far right is stuck in that position.

And here is Portland!

I think we are going to have dinner soon and then we'll go to the comedy show! I will post more of my adventure later!



  1. Hope your Enjoying the Northwest! be sure to stop by the river front.

  2. I have to know, is the comedian any good?

  3. He was a lot better then we thought he would be. I am pretty sure he hates white people and dogs though...He has some of his comedy on youtube

  4. Oh you have a little rubber duck collection! Fun! They're turning black? How long have you had them for?

  5. Great insite of your life! Have fun

  6. Nice, and great stuff you got here!
    Take care on your travels!

  7. Enjoy your trip and have a nice time! :)

  8. Great blog, Chaela, I liked it, I'll follow you.
    Cheers from Argentina.

  9. I have had the ducks for about 6 years.

  10. lol looks like u had fun in oregon, cool car toys :p