Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to Pack a wound

 Sometimes in the nursing world you have to pack a wound that has tunneled itself into a body. Here are the steps I must follow to do a wound pack. I had to do this for my class :)

Packing a wound
·         Wash your hands
·         Provide for client privacy
·         Assemble dressing change material at bedside
·         Apply nonsterile gloves
·         Remove old dressing. Note integrity of old dressing and the way it was applied
·         Dispose of the old dressing in the correct receptacle
·         Remove gloves
·         Establish sterile field for materials. Open and prepare the dressing materials.
·         Apply your sterile gloves
·         Inspect the wound. Measure depth, width, length, depth of undermining, and depth of tunneling with a cotton tip applicator
·         Cleanse, treat, or irrigate the wound according to wound regimen
·         Gently place packing material in the wound. If the wound packing is for debridement, be sure packing material contacts all surface needing debridement. If gauze is being used to absorb drainage, fluff the gauze prior to packing. Pack all tunneling areas (Not to tightly)
·         If packing material requires a secondary dressing, apply that now. Secure dressing in place with tape
·         Dispose of any waste appropriately
·         Remove gloves and dispose of them
·         Remove any soiled bedding or dressing material.
·         Sign, Date, and note time on dressing staying away from wound
·         Wash hands
·         Document!


  1. I think I have some of this stuff in a cabinet somewhere.. This sort of stuff can save your life!

  2. hahaha, that was really random yet useful, maybe you should do how to get rid of warts? haha :) the most effective way cause I heard there are a lot of ways