Sunday, July 3, 2011


I haven't blogged in a while because I have no idea what to blog about now. I have been working a lot since I got back from my last little trip. In fact I volunteered to work the next three nights (1030pm-7am).
 So I just got off work! At night we usually have three CNA's and split the floor up into three groups we average about 14-15 patients each. Someone called in sick so that put us to a two group. Luckily someone from the previous shift stayed until 2am. But we were a two group for three hours this gave us 21 patients each. People think that old people sleep at night but they really don't. They get Sundowners and they become more active. Lucky for us it was a slow night. Another aid came in at 5am.
Now that I am home I am trying to decide what to eat for my dinner before I go to bed. I really just want to eat a couple of doughnuts but thats not a good dinner :(.

I'm really feeling the urge to play a video game so I may play a video game before I go to bed. I just need to make sure I don't stay up to late otherwise I will sleep really late. Anyway I will try to think of something better to blog later.



  1. What game are you thinking of playing?

  2. Interesting post, thanks guy!

  3. team fortress 2 is pretty fun if you like shooters and since it is free to play now that is a plus